Turn your City Apartment into a Cosy Home

Living in a city is an exciting and fast-paced way of life. I love living in a city, but I also enjoy relaxing at home in a calm and peaceful environment. I grew up in a rural village, so I’m used to coming home to a place with lots of room, quiet neighbours and little light pollution.

My city apartment didn’t give me the peace and quiet I needed when I came home from work. But if you’re having the same problem, there are things you can do to turn your apartment into a cosy home you can relax in.

Pick a calming colour scheme

A great way to turn your city apartment into a calming place for you to retreat to is to decorate it in cool, serene colours. Whites mixed with greys, blues and lilacs freshen up a room and make it a relaxing place to enjoy.

Invest in soundproofing

You don’t have to spend thousands on having your walls ripped out to have soundproofing done. Buy things like thick rugs, heavy curtains and even fabric-covered ceiling or wall tiles. These will help with blocking out the sound from busy roads. And if you haven’t got it already, consider double- or triple glazing.

Dress your windows appropriately

It’s likely that you’ve got neighbours that are very close to you if you’re living in an apartment. Consider covering any large windows with full-length curtains that will still allow some light through in the day.

To make your bedroom feel cosy, use curtains or blinds with blackout liners.

Get rid of clutter

Cluttered spaces are never peaceful. If you’re anything like me, you’ll feel agitated if you’re trying to relax in a room that is covered in stuff. The best thing to do is have a clear out – go through all your posessions and decide which things you wouldn’t miss if you gave them or threw them away.

Find a place by a window

Find a window in your city apartment that is suitable for a seat and some cushions. You’ve got your own little reading nook. Looking out onto the city is different to being within all the hustle and bussle. Detach yourself from the city and delve into another world with your favourite book.

Add some nature

City-dwellers are known for not being able to look after plants. I’m shamefully one of them. But whenever I do have a house plant or bouquets of flowers at home, I feel much better. There’s something about bringing nature into your home. There are plenty of houseplants available that don’t need much looking after – just pop down to your local supermarket.

Whether you choose to implement all of these tips or just some of them, you should start to feel like you have somewhere away from the busy city to relax. Let us know on Twitter @hometoinspire how it goes.

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Emily Rivers

Emily Rivers is a writer for Homes to Inspire and Quotatis' network of sites. She's passionate about home decor and loves sharing her finds in the latest trends in home design.

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