How to Keep your Home Warm and Cosy for Less

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Spring can be a beautiful time of year; pink skies, sparkling trees and frosty cobwebs are all naturally stunning and there’s nothing quite like a long walk on a cold morning to clear the head. But it can play havoc with your home and leave a large dent in your bank balance too.

Energy suppliers often increase bills at this time of year to keep up with demand – a double whammy for anyone who’s already struggling to stay warm and keep costs down. Rent Guarantee Specialist, Assetgrove,  has some encouraging news – “There are plenty of ways to winter-proof your home and help you avoid costly problems, and they don’t have to cost a fortune.”

Fill in the gaps

Even a tiny hairline crack can let warm air escape and let draughts in, so have good look around all your windows and walls and fill in any gaps with foam or pollyfiller.

Change the thermostat

Heating doesn’t have to be on all day if you’re not home. Investing in a modern, programmable thermostat will help keep your energy bills down and make your home nice and cosy for when you get in.


One of the biggest causes of high energy bills is poor insulation. Investing in a good system will keep your home snug and significantly cut down on costs in the long run.

Buy some heat tape

Available in most DIY stores, heat tape can be a lifesaver in the colder months. Apply to guttering and pipes to prevent them from freezing, but as Brixton estate agent, Eden Harper warns, “Always check you’re using the correct type for your pipework- automatic heat tape can damage plastic pipes. If in doubt, ask an expert or have a qualified plumber come and do it for you.”

Keep it clean

Winter can be a really messy time of year so minimise mud and sludge in the home by asking everyone to leave their shoes and boots at the door and invest in a good, solid doormat.

Invest in some decent doors and windows

It may seem like a big expense, but investing in some good, heavy double glazing will make your energy bills much more manageable and save you money in the long run.

Consider the garden

It’s not all just about keeping the inside warm; your garden and patio can really suffer in winter too. Bring in all your garden furniture and equipment to prevent rust and rot, and make sure all delicate plants are brought indoors.

Hire a chimney sweep

They do still exist, and if your home has a working chimney having it regularly cleaned out will help keep your home warm, more energy efficient and safe. Replace the filters in your furnace too for an extra boost.

Buy some fluffy throws

If energy bills are a concern, consider wrapping up before turning up the thermostat. As London bridge estate agent, Williams Lynch says, “Big fluffy throws are really popular at the moment and can add a luxurious, log cabin look to the home.”

Hire a professional

Most of us have some idea of how to winter proof our homes, but having an expert come in to carry out an energy audit will really help you to understand what you can be doing to keep the house warm and costs low.

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