How to Create the Perfect Country Kitchen

If you’re anything like me, you dream of having a huge kitchen that reflects your personality. I live in a city, but I’m not far from rural areas, and I love spending time there. Even though I admire modern, shiny new kitchens, I know that really I want to have a country kitchen that can cope with my somewhat haphazard cooking style and still look fabulous if I miss a spot of spilt flour.

I’ve put together some of the things that make the perfect country kitchen. The charm of stone flooring and standalone furniture gives a warm and homely feel whilst still being up to date. Here are 6 things that you can add to create a rustic and authentic country kitchen whether you’re in the heart of the city or in the middle of the rolling hills.

Get an island

country kitchen island
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This is top of my wishlist. If you’ve got the space, an island helps break up the area and adds lots of character. Like in this kitchen, you can use the island for storage as well as for the oven, giving you a perfect place to prepare meals. The white cupboards contrast well with the wooden worktops, creating an authentic country kitchen look but being completely functional too.

Splash out on an Aga

country kitchen aga
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Nothing says ‘English country kitchen’ more than an Aga. Made in Britain, they have stayed popular for years and aren’t showing any signs of going out of fashion. Don’t think you have to go for the traditional dark colour – you can now get them in a range of shades such as cream or even dusty pink. The different colours in this kitchen bring out the glossiness of the Aga, complementing the different pastel colours well. I’m a huge fan of the pink kettle!

Don’t be afraid of clutter

country kitchen clutter
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Since we’re always telling you to get rid of your clutter, this might seem a bit hypocritical. But well-placed clutter is a must in a country kitchen. I’m not a tidy person by all means, so this is the part I struggle with. But pair open shelves with cupboards and you can get a perfect balance. Display your best shiny pans and that desktop mixer – after all, you spent good money on it.

The array of plates in the shelf with the matching bread bin, canisters and accessories in this kitchen creates a beautiful look. The light green is an earthy colour that emphasises the country style of this kitchen.

Lay a stone floor

country kitchen stone floor
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Stone floor is another of my favourites. There is nothing more rustic than a warm stone floor that adds some colour to an otherwise neutral kitchen. Or you can go for a pale floor that emphasises the space and creates lots of light – I love the contrast between the island, the cupboards and floor in this country kitchen. A modern take on a classic look.

Shake-r it up

country kitchen shaker cabinet
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Kitchens with shaker cupboards never go out of style and are a classic for a country kitchen. I love this shaker cabinet – the neutral colour creates a calming tone and allows you to display your glassware. The pegs could be used so much better though – In my kitchen I’d hang all my Cath Kidston mugs and other classic designs to inject a bit of colour.

Add freestanding furniture

country kitchen freestanding cabinet
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One of the best ways to achieve a country kitchen look is to add some freestanding furniture. After all, that’s what it was like years ago. This little cabinet is a fantastic modern take on the traditional standalone pieces – I hate having the bin on show, so being able to tuck it away is great in my eyes. Plus the spice cabinet and rail for a tea towel or kitchen roll is practical and adds to the country style.

My perfect country kitchen is still a dream for me, living in my Pinterest boards instead of my home. But slowly but surely, I’ll had these features and end up with an amazing look. You can do it too.

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