9 Things you’ll Love if you Live in a Victorian Terrace

I live in a Victorian terrace, and although I moan about the lack of kitchen space and sometimes hate having to drag myself down the stairs in the morning to the bathroom, really I love it. Victorian houses have so much character and that makes them an unforgettable place to live in.

If you live in a Victorian terrace, no matter how much these things frustrate you, you’ll also love them too.

1. Your tiny kitchen

There’s no getting away from it, kitchens in Victorian terraces are small, but they’re perfect for cooking because all your mess will be contained to a smaller area. Plus you can hide all your pots and pans away in the array of kitchen cupboards.

2. The alley

The alley you use to get to your back garden is a great way to get to know your neighbours. Every few houses share one, so you’ll end up seeing your neighbours frequently as they take their bins out and bring their bicycles through.

3. The outside loo

Are you lucky enough to still have one? It’s certainly strange, but actually, what a good idea it is. Perfect for when you’re hosting garden parties – and for storing stuff too.

4. The side return

The side return is a great place to put your bins. How easy it is to bring them round to the front of the house when they’re right by the back door waiting.

5. Strange noises from the neighbours

Babies crying, dogs barking, plates being dropped… You’ve heard it all through your connecting walls. Not to mention the pensioners’ telly on full blast. But without all the different sounds, you’d be lonely.

6. The intricate fireplaces

In my last Victorian terrace, the only fireplace left was the one in the front room. But it was beautiful! If you’re lucky enough to have lots of the original fireplaces left, make the most of them – make them a feature in the room.

7. Creaky floorboards

When I lived in a Victorian terrace as a student, my housemate couldn’t walk down to her room after a night out without waking me up because of the creaking floorboards. But at least I knew she was in safely!

8. Being able to spy on everyone’s home improvements

At the moment, developers have bought the empty plot of land next door to us and we’re eagerly watching out the window every day to see the progress of new flats being built. It’s great to be able to have a nose at what everyone’s having done to their homes – what a great way to get ideas.

9. Never being able to get a parking space outside the house

It’s just a fact of life that when you work 9-5 you’re not going to get a parking space outside your house. And don’t even get me started on when you go out food shopping and come back with a car full of bags, then have to park miles away. But it does mean I’m a fabulous parallel parker now, and at least I get a little bit of a walk to my car before sitting at my desk all day.

No matter how often I moan about these things, never believe me if I say I hate where I live. And if you live in a Victorian terrace too, you’ll understand what I mean.

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Emily Rivers

Emily Rivers is a writer for Homes to Inspire and Quotatis' network of sites. She's passionate about home decor and loves sharing her finds in the latest trends in home design.

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