9 Reasons it’s Time to Start your Renovation

Are you one of those people that starts thinking about decorating months in advance, only to find that the plan never comes into fruition? My habit started at age 14 when my parents let me decorate my bedroom. I started off wanting to paint white over the light blue walls and dark blue door frames to eventually just painting over the door frames and skirting board months later.

Procrastination got the better of me. I spent too long trying to work out what was best that by the time it came to it I was out of creativity. There are some simple signs that it’s time to stop putting off your renovation project – if you do or have any of these, it’s time to take action.

Your walls are painted hundreds of different colours

renovation paint swatches
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If you’ve tested so many different colours that your walls are covered in any shade except the original, it’s time to get going with the renovation. You’ve collected enough swatches, and in your heart you’ll know which colour you really want to choose. Just go for it.

You never finish one project

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have project after project unfinished in every room. Even if it’s just a set of shelves that have been waiting for months to be put up, it’s time to tackle all the unfinished DIY jobs first.

If it’s broke, you don’t fix it

That’s not how the saying goes, is it? But that’s what you live by. If things are broken, it’s just a fact of life these days. That carousel kitchen cupboard that doesn’t swing out anymore? No problem, you’ll just reach over the back and knock down the Chinese 5 spice on the way.

You don’t have any wall hangings

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Your walls are completely bare with no picture frames or any other decorations hanging from them. Of course – hanging a picture signals the end of a renovation project, and you’ve not finished anything to date.

You never host

It’s got to the stage now where you’ve told your friends about all your different renovation projects and they’re going to expect you to have finished. Instead of finishing the spare room, you just don’t have house guests.

Your clothes have nowhere to live

You’ve not been able to decide whether you want fitted wardrobes or freestanding ones, so all your clothes are hanging on rails like the a half-price sale in a high street store. Time to sort that out.

Eating standing up is the new normal

renovation kitchen table
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If you have a dining table, it’s so covered in home decor magazines and clippings you’ve found for your dream kitchen that no one can eat at it anymore. And if you don’t have a table – you’ll get round to finding one.

After you’ve finished replacing the kitchen cupboards, hanging photos and sorting out the guest room…

Your windows are naked

It takes guts to go for the industrial bare window look in a typical family home.

You haven’t got guts, you just can’t decide whether you want thick, luxurious curtains or blinds. Or shutters.

Your bathroom is desperate for attention

The bathroom is an important room to get right. That’s why you’ve been taking your time with this one. But if your loo doesn’t flush properly and there are tiles falling off the walls, it’s time to get the bathroom done.

It’s time to get going with your renovation projects. Make a list and tackle them one by one. DON’T move on until you’ve finished one room. Good luck – you can do it.

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Emily Rivers

Emily Rivers is a writer for Homes to Inspire and Quotatis' network of sites. She's passionate about home decor and loves sharing her finds in the latest trends in home design.

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