5 Ways to Revitalise Your Home This Valentine’s Day

We know that Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. Some people love the excitement it can create, whilst others write it off as unnecessary and commercialised. But whatever camp you’re in, Valentine’s Day can be a great excuse to have some fun in the middle of a dreary winter.

Despite some of its newer connotations, Valentine’s Day is traditionally a celebration of love. So what better way to celebrate it than to invest in the place where you spend time with the people you love, whether they’re friends, family or partners? So regardless of your relationship status, we’ve come up with 5 great ways to revitalise your home this Valentine’s Day.

Spice up your sofas

Replacing or adding new cushions and throws to your sofa is a really simple and effective way of revamping a room. You can go for new patterns or designs or even change the colour scheme. Go for bold colours and designs if you can – they’ll make the changes you’ve made obvious and exciting. Don’t worry, reds, pinks and heart-shapes aren’t compulsory! Just aim to add a bit of fun and novelty into your home.

Change your lighting

Lighting is an aspect of our home that really affects us, whether we realise it or not. Different lighting gets different reactions from different people. Bright, white light can make some people feel cheerful and lively but can leave others cold and stressed. Equally, warm, low lighting can create a relaxed, cosy feel for some people, but a gloomy, low-energy atmosphere for others.

Whatever type of lighting you have in your house, try changing it. This doesn’t have to be expensive, just pick up some new lightbulbs! Move around your lamps if you have them to create new, warm, cosy corners or bright entertaining spaces. Or try installing spot lights if you want to invest in something a bit more permanent.

Go floral

Bringing flowers into your home can be a great way to give it a lift. And again, we’re not just talking about red roses. Go for a sophisticated look if that’s your style – drop by a florist and create table and windowsill arrangements that add fresh new colours and scents to your home.

Or if you want to go for a more understated look, head out to your garden or local park and see what you can find. There are some pearly snowdrops and cheerful cyclamen peeping out about now, despite the wintery weather. Arranging these in old jam jars or perfume bottles and dotting them around your home can subtly add a bit of colour and fun to your home.

Work on your walls

It’s a great plan to change the furnishings in your home, but what about the walls? Changing your walls can be a bit of a commitment, but it’s often worth it.
Take a look at your walls and have a think about what you could do to change them. It might be worth changing the whole room colour – just remember to avoid dark or intense colours and stick to bright, subtle shades. Or you could get the wallpaper out and create a feature wall.

If you like the idea of revitalising your walls but don’t have much time, adding wall art is a great way to change things up. There is a huge range of original prints in high street and online shops, so you should be able to find pieces that are attractive and complement your home. Adding wall art is a great way to attract attention and give a room a new feel.


You can make big changes but it’s often still the little things that count. If you have a limited budget or little time, replacing the small or temporary objects in a room can make a world of difference to how it looks. Invest in a new coaster set for your coffee tables or a new vase for your mantelpiece. Or go for a new table runner for your dining table or a set of trivets for your kitchen. These changes may sound small and insignificant, but they could be just the new bit of colour or style that your home needs.

So whether you can’t get enough of the hearts and roses or you’d prefer to pretend the holiday didn’t exist, take advantage of Valentine’s Day this year! It can be just the excuse you need to get out of a winter rut and make some exciting and revitalising changes to your home.

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