How Technology is Going to Improve our Bathrooms

bathroom technology

Technology is improving all the time, and innovations for the bathroom are not left out of the picture. You won’t believe some of the inventions available to make our lives easier, such as a temperature-sensitive light for the tap and a glow-in-the-dark toilet locator strip.

But do we need these gadgets in our bathrooms? There are some that we think will change the way we use our bathrooms for the better.

Digital mirrors

Most of us can think of a person that’s dropped their phone down the loo or in the bath. With the rise of social media and constant messaging, this is becoming a bigger problem. In just a few years, this issue could be eliminated with the rise of the digital bathroom mirror. With a constant feed of news from friends and celebrities as we bathe or brush our teeth, we need never be away from the internet.

Toothpaste dispenser

toothbrush technology
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Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to get the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube. But that could be set to be a thing of the past with an automatic toothpaste dispenser.

The device will do everything for you – just load the tube and go. It’ll even save you money as you’ll use all of the toothpaste instead of wasting some of it.

Hands-free hair dryer

This innovation is a godsend to anyone with long hair. We can say goodbye to aching arms as we try to style our hair with a hands-free hair dryer stand. Just turn the hair dryer on and have both hands free to get your hairstyle perfect.

hairdryer technology
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Electric tealights

For the romantics, it’s now even easier to treat your partner to a relaxing soak. Instead of dotting tealights around the bathroom and re-lighting them every time they get wet, you can now get battery-powered suction cup tealights that create a calming atmosphere in your bathroom.

tealight technology
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