6 Ways to Bring your Kitchen into the Future

The kitchen is the hub of the home for lots of families, so keeping it up-to-date with the latest trends is well worth it. Just because you want to modernise your kitchen, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice its homeliness.

There are plenty of things you can do to update your kitchen without having to go through the disruptive and lengthy process of remodelling. Try our tips for bringing your kitchen into the future.

Update lighting

modern kitchen lighting
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Upgrade your light fixtures to modernise your kitchen. Glass pendants hanging from the ceiling look great paired with dark counter tops and appliances.

Accessorise with colour

bright kitchen accessories
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It’s all about the colour pop these days. Inject some colour into your kitchen with bright accessories, like the red mixer and pepper mills in the photo. The array of recipe books help to add colour too.

Modernise your dining table

kitchen dining table
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Kitchen tables are all the rage now. Try a pristine white table with different bright coloured chairs to update your look and add a splash of colour. Resist a table cloth – they look great in country or period homes, but if you’re going for the modern look, try to do without most of the time.

Make fruit a centrepiece

kitchen fruit caddy
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Find a stylish caddy to hold your fruit and herbs – a modern take on the traditional fruit bowl. This industrial caddy looks great with the lemons and herbs injecting some colour into an otherwise grey space.

Install shelves

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

Stuck for space? A great new trend in kitchen design is to add shelves to your cupboard doors so you can create your own larder even with minimal space. These shiny shelves look fantastic and add a modern, industrial feel, and adding brightly packaged foods or decanting items into pretty jars into the shelves even creates some art!

Go handleless

handleless kitchen units
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If you want to update your kitchen cupboards, consider this latest trend. Handleless units are all the rage and many homeowners love them. It’s controversial, though – some designers say they will become outdated too quickly, but with the ease of having no handles to catch yourself on whilst cooking, how can they be sure this trend will come and go?

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