10 Staircases you’re Secretly Desperate to Own

If you live in a house with more than one storey, staircases are a must. Most houses have a bog-standard staircase with a handrail if necessary, but what about those with crazy designs that most architects would be shy of?

Take a look at my top 10 favourite staircases – even if your house won’t suit them, at least you can marvel at their beauty.

1. Optical illusions

What an amazing staircase this is! You can barely see where the steps are in this kooky design. Just make sure you watch your step!

2. Live like royalty

I would love to have this staircase in my house – the enclosed area makes it feel like you’re living in a castle. I’d want to go up and down these stairs all day just to feel important.

3. Maximise space

I’m super impressed with these stairs. They are perfect for if you’re short on space in an extension or loft conversion. They remind me of Lego or a mosiac. It might take a while to get used to climbing them though!

4. Mixing old with new

Can you imagine having staircases in your home modelled on dinosaur skeletons? You’ve got to have a certain type of home to pull these off, but I think these look amazing. The high shine of the frame stands out and puts a modern take on something so old.

5. Become a better you

The idea behind this staircase is great. It gives you something to look at as you climb and helps you reflect on life. What a fabulous idea!

6. Go hipster

If you’ve got a kooky, Bohemian-style home, this is the staircase for you. You could commission an artist to paint it for you, or if you’re brave, let the kids have a go…

7. A novel idea

This is my personal favourite. I love reading, so painting the spines of my favourite books sounds wonderful to me. Every time you climb the stairs you’ll be reminded of the beautiful stories that you read long ago.

8. Beautiful banisters

If you’ve not got the room or the style of home to have one of these outlandish staircases, what about a banister? Banisters are small enough to not overtake a room but you can still make them stand out. Take this banister in the shape of a tree trunk – it matches perfectly with the dark wood.

9. Make a statement

Just because you don’t have the room, it doesn’t mean your staircase has to be boring. Make your staircase stand out by painting the underside of the steps in a bright colour, like in the staircase above. It’ll make your staircase the focal point in the room.

10. Just downright fun

I don’t care what you say – distasteful, tacky… I know secretly that you’d love this staircase in your house. Imagine the days where you need a bit of adrenaline to get you going in the morning – all you need to do is take a run up and throw yourself down the stairs (be careful, of course).

What’s your personal favourite? Have you seen any other amazing staircases? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter @HometoInspire.

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Emily Rivers

Emily Rivers is a writer for Homes to Inspire and Quotatis' network of sites. She's passionate about home decor and loves sharing her finds in the latest trends in home design.

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